About Us

SHEMFORD Little Star, Ferozepur is part of SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD group of schools. It is a premier institute which offers world class infrastructure, wholesome facilities, high quality education and child-friendly environment to its children.

Our highly researched and practically sound methodology helps make learning joyous for children. Our dedicated team of highly qualified educators and facilitators work incessantly to provide satisfaction to children’s inquisitive mind through concept clarity. This, in combination with immense love, care, freedom and guidance helps them grow up and turn into mature, self-dependent children, ready to make a mark on the world platform.

We are equipped with modern facilities which promote easy and active learning among students. It encourages them to explore, experiment and turns them into brilliant thinkers. Our conducive learning environment, innovative curriculum and engaging teaching methods help our children succeed on the global level.

We welcome you to SHEMFORD Little Stars, Ferozepur where our motto is ‘Bringing School Education Alive’.